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We will be making all new posts and sharing information at our new home on the web Delco Magazine! Our plans are to be more active and grow as a community with Delco Magazine, sharing important news information and articles that you are about locally. As always, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

Delco Digest Team!

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Getting A Will Notarized in Media


It was time to plan for the future and I needed to get my living will notarized for my records. We took everything to my attorney’s office and he suggested Delco Notary Services in Broomall. The thing that impressed me most was after one call they came to the attorney’s office with everything needed to make sure all the documents were notarized and ready for filing. We all sat down and started signing, what felt like a hundred documents, They double checked every one and made sure it was all in order. Professional, fast service was all I could ask for!

We found Delco Notary online after a quick search and didn’t know what to expect, but after speaking to Elisa on the phone we knew it was going to be just fine. They offer other services besides notarized documents. If you need a courier service or vehicle title transfer they can handle it!

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Snakes in a Ridley SUV


It seems there is a story over at Delco Magazine about snakes being sold in Woodlyn. The snakes never made it to sale, but they did stop a carjacking. How curious that the car thief had to find out about the snakes the hard way.

First reported by blogger William Bender.

rug-deal shootings are so passé. Let’s introduce some cold-blooded reptiles into the equation, shall we?

Here goes: Delaware County authorities are searching for a man from New York City who apparently pulled a gun and shot a guy from Doylestown this afternoon during a botched snake deal in a Ridley Township parking lot.

Details are still sketchy, but Ridley Police Detective Lt. Scott Willoughby says the Doylestown man is in stable condition at Crozer-Chester Medical Center. He apparently brought 20 ball pythons to the Woodlyn Shopping Center parking lot, where he was going to sell the snakes to the New York man for $12,000.

“It ends up the guy that was supposed to buy the snakes shoots him,” Willoughby said. “I don’t know if he was going to shoot him and take the snakes. Who knows what happened.”

The men’s names have not been released. The shooter – described as a black male, dressed in black, probably in his early 20s – threw a Smith & Wesson .357 revolver and a Beretta 9mm in the woods, then ditched a car at 2nd and Edgewood.

The snakes are currently in two boxes in Willoughby’s office. Or so he believes.

“Supposedly, there are 20 ball pythons in there,” he said. Asked if he has peeked inside, Willoughby instantly replied with two words. The first isn’t printable, the second is, “No.”

“I don’t like snakes,” he added. “They’re going to stay sealed until we figure out what to do with them.”

Anyone with info about the shooting can call 610-532-4000.

UPDATE: Police say the gunman stole the snake dealer’s Toyota Rav 4 with the snakes in it and crashed it into a pole. That’s why he had to flee on foot. Cops are fairly certain that he is the guy who was supposed to buy the snakes, but they cannot be sure. Apparently, the shooter didn’t identify himself to the Doylestown man, so there is a slim possibility that this was just a random carjacking that happened before the prearranged snake deal.

So if you were supposed to buy 20 pythons in a parking lot today but the guy wasn’t there, call Ridley police and help them solve this shooting.


Thanks Delco Magazine

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Springfield Mall loses power in wind storm.


Saturday afternoon the middle of the Springfield mall was dark and stores gates were down. The end stores of Macy’s and Target had electricity, and they were bustling as a result. The other stores were not as lucky as most had the bring down their gates with no end in sight.

The mall was filled with shoppers looking to purchase the wares, but cash registers could not be opened, and Eris could not calculate totals without the power to light the stores.

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Have a happy and safe new year Delco!


Please have a great 2011! We can’t wait to share all the wonderful things to do, see, and eat around Our community.

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Massage today in Broomall


New massage place just opened in Broomall - Hand & Stone massage and facial spa. It’s located in the Lawrence Park shopping center in Broomall, next to the Acme and 5 Guys burger place. Hand & Stone is a chain massage center offering other waxing, facial, and treatments.


When you first pull up to Hand & Stone you are in a very busy shopping center with some parking concerns at peak times and a lot of foot traffic. But, once inside of the store you are treated to a very serene environment with running water over a stone fountain and a comfortable waiting and reception area. The ladies behind the counter were very friendly and were able to accommodate my last minute appointment with no problems. The signs in the window offer walk in service if you are so inclined. Even with all of the activity outside the spa, you are not interrupted by the noise or motion once in the waiting area. It is a proper place to begin your relaxing ritual as you prepare for your massage.

Once my therapist was ready and my room was prepped we headed down a long hall with 9 massage rooms. This massage center did not feel this big from the outside. The hall leading to each of the rooms is through another door that has the benefit of both eliminating any exterior noises, and reducing the light levels from the bright and airy waiting area to the much more fitting darker massage surroundings. The room we were in was very well appointed and a near perfect size for a massage table and other equipment.

The Massage:

The massage started off well, my therapists hands were soft and seemed strong, and she seemed willing to talk with me as we began. I have a horrible habit of chatting it up when I’m relaxing on a table getting a massage. It’s all part of my relaxation mode and some therapists can be upset when you continue to chat. The rest of the massage was too fast and too light. As times I thought she might have been rushing my legs to my problem area (shoulders and arms) but the entire massage felt rushed. I have to blame this on a massage center insisting on a 50min massage rather than the standard 60min. These places (mostly the chain locations, and private therapists who used to work at chain locations) feel that they can best serve their clients with a 50min massage. I don’t feel this is a good business practice. I have to take off points for this business decision, I am not a fan of the massage shrink ray.

At the time of my visit there was a free foot scrub add-on listed for free on their website. The scrub was an interesting add on and smelled wonderful when she was done. (peppermint?) this service is normally $15 added on to a massage. I will decline in the future, but not because it was bad, it’s just not my thing.

The chain store attitude comes out after you have completed your massage and you go to pay. I was visiting this location for the first time and they were running a special $49.95 for a 50min massage or facial. I also made sure to tip the therapist a bit extra for both the last minuet appointment and because the reduced fee and free foot scrub. Then they hit you with the sales pitch for their “Monthly Reoccurring Service” it was a breath of fresh air. No hard sell, no guilt, a true take it or leave it attitude. I was expecting to have to fight and claw my way out the door after the sales pitch…but again the ladies behind the counter were very pleasant about it all.

The Deal:

$59.95 per month – gets you one massage or facial
There there is a discounted price list for monthly members.

It is a good deal if you plan on getting a massage a month (or more)


I will probably go back and request a different therapist and roll the dice to see if I can get someone a bit stronger. After the deductions for 50min and the rushed feeling massage I can give Hand & Stone a 87/100

Cift cards for massage and facials in Broomall, PA

Hand & Stone
Massage and Facial SPA
Lawrence Park Shopping Ctr.
1991 Sproul Road
Broomall, PA 19010

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Media Farmers market ending soon.


Media Farmers Market
Remember the market goes until November 11th! So only a few market days left for your fall vegetables.

Media, PA farmers market selling fruits, veggies, and homemade items.

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Delaware county dog parks – Clayton Park and Kent Dog park


I just saw that there are two dog parks listed in Delaware county. I heard about Kent Dog Park when it opened in 2008 but I had an infant son and never got a chance to visit with my Boston Terrier “Juliet” and I never knew about the Dog Park in Clayton Park.

Today I was doing a bit of research and ran across both of these parks. I will be visiting both in the near future hoping for a local run for my dog. Our prior favorite was Tally Day park in Wilmington, DE. It is a beautiful divided (small side and big side) park with a wood chip bed, respectful dog owners, and they even supply waste bags to help you clean up after your dog. The biggest test for a dog park is the clean show test…and I’ve never once stepped in doggy mess at the Wilmington dog park.

We will see how these other two parks fare against our reigning favorite and I will report what I find here.

Clayton Dog Park in Concord Twp.
Kent Dog Park in Darby Twp.
Talley Day Dog Park

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Linville Orchard – Media, PA


Fall is in full swing and there is noting better in Delco than cool weather harvest festivities. The best of the best has to be Linvilla Orchard in Media, PA. This place has just about anything you would want, for everyone you could think to bring.

Pumpkinland at Linvilla

Pumpkins and people at Linvilla Orchard in Media, PAThe kids and adults LOVE this event. It goes through the fall leading up to Halloween. You can find thousands of pumpkins here, something for everyone. Every size shape and color are represented in crates throughout the indoor/outdoor facility. The area is littered with decorations to liven the event and get everyone in the fall festival mood. One warning, if you go after a rain you better wear boots, it can get muddy and traction is a concern when trying to haul a 50lb monster pumpkin home to carve!

Hayrides and corn Maze

These events are great standard Halloween fare and Linvilla pulls them off well. The hayride tour takes you through the woods and the orchard giving a guided tour throughout. The line can get long, and if you know me at all I hate lines, but it is handled well with 2 or 3 tractors running and keeping the lines moving.

Linvilla Feeding Zoo

The orchard also has a zoo with local animals and a large variety of chickens with chicken feed vending machines located throughout. There are deer in an enclosure that will let you feed them through the fence. (buy the carrots and celery at the barn prior to heading to visit the animals) One other nice touch, Linvilla provides hand sanitizers around all of the animal pens so you don’t need to worry if that sine has a flu or not ;)

Linvilla Market

The barn contains a shopping market with plenty of vegitables, pantry items and baked goods. It’s the fresh baked pies and breads you CAN NOT MISS! The heart of Linville Orchard is the on site baked pies, apple specifically, that smell wonderfully from the moment you park.

The Playground

I can’t forget to mention the playground and ride on mini train. The playground is beautiful (although tends to get muddy after wet weather) and perfectly situated for children of all ages. They have different equipment that starts at toddler age and works its way up to teen. Ramps to slides and swings and tunnels and stuff. If you are going with children the $1 admission (donation) is worth every penny. The train costs a couple dollars, but for a child who loves everything train (Thomas the tank engine) it was a good time. The train came with authentic sights, sounds, and smells to complete the outing.

There is much more here to explore I can only touch on a bit with my words. It’s a fun trip for families of all sizes and ages for food, fun, and education (shhh, don’t tell the little ones)

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West Chester Chili cookoff 10/10/10


Today was the West Chester Chili cook off. I was holding high hopes for this even because as everyone know…I love Chili! It started out well enough with parking in the garage in town was great. It was full but that garage was much bigger than I thought and we found a spot without a problem. Shortly after we met with some more family and tried to enter the event.

The line to purchase bracelets was long and disorganized. They had people trying to tell parts of the line to move in, but there were just too many people. This leads me to my biggest problem today…there were just too many people in such a small space, and the management of all these people was not done well. Lines backed up down Gay St. and made it near impossible to try any of the teams chili.

In all I tried about a half a dozen batches of chili (a few twice) but it was not comfortable for any of my family. There were times when the lines just sat there as people didn’t know where to go next.

The chili I tasted was wonderful, and I loved that it was all you can eat. It looked like they were shoveling the chili as quickly as anyone could eat it. Were were given a handful of tokens to vote for our favorite and I dropped a few into some buckets.

I hope next year they get a larger space or better crowd control because this event has all the makings of something great. Hell, who dosen’t like chili?

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